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Upcoming Events


Historic District Commission
July 3rd @ 6:00pm

Parks and Recreation Commission
July 8th @ 12:00pm

Agenda Preparation
July 8th @ 5:30pm

Technical Review
July 17th @ 8:30am

Finance Meeting
July 17th @ 5:30pm

City Council
July 17th @ 6:00pm

Civil Service Commission
July 22nd @ 5:00pm

Airport Commission
July 23rd @ 6:00pm

Board of Adjustment
July 28th @ 5:00pm

Planning Commission
July 28th @ 5:30pm

Tri Peaks Community Market

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Russellville Recreation and Parks - FAQ
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When are Driver's Tests given at the Hughes Center?

Where can I obtain a driver's manual?

How do I get information about the driver's test?

When are the AARP at the Hughes Center to help with taxes?

When does Hickey Pool open?

What is the phone number to Hickey Pool?

Where can I purchase a season pass to Hickey Pool?

How do I reserve Hickey Pool for a private party?

How do I reserve a pavilion at a city park?

Where are the city pavilions located?

Where do I call to reserve a pavilion at Old Post Park?

How do I reserve a practice field?

When do I register a team for softball?

What if I do not have a team but still want to play?

How do I find out if my City League ball game is rained out?

How do I join the weight room located in the Hughes Center?

Russellville Recreation and Parks - 1000 E. Parkway (Ph: 479-968-1272, Fax: 479-968-4103)