Police Department


115 W. H St.
Russellville, AR 72801


Link: Police Department

The non-emergency phone number is 479-968-0911.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Abbott, Tracy Administrative Clerk 479-968-3232  
Anderson, Corey Patrol Sergeant 479-968-3232  
Bailey, Shannon Administrative Assistant to the Chief 479-968-3232  
Baker, Phillip Corporal, SRO 479-968-3232  
Barker, Steve Corporal, SRO 479-968-3232  
Bevis, David CID Sergeant 479-968-3232  
Bonds, Monty Patrol Lieutenant 479-968-3232  
Jacimore, Casey Patrol Sergeant, K9 Officer 479-968-3232  
Coates, Daniel Patrol Sergeant 479-968-3232  
Conway, Justin Patrol Sergeant 479-968-3232  
Cromer, Kyle Patrol Sergeant 479-968-3232  
Davenport, Bryce Warrants Officer 479-968-3232  
Dougan, Jason K9 Officer 479-968-3232  
Dunson, Danny Patrol Sergeant 479-968-3232  
Ewing, David Chief of Police 479-968-3232  
Ezell, Eric Assistant Chief, Patrol 479-968-3232  
Frank, John Patrolman, SRO 479-968-3232  
Greathouse, Brett CID Sergeant 479-968-3232  
Harris, John Patrolman, SRO 479-968-3232  
Hendrix, Ricky Patrol Sergeant 479-968-3232  
Hobby, Kevin Corporal, SRO 479-968-3232  
Jacobs, Matt Patrol Lieutenant 479-968-3232  
James, Carey Assistant Chief, CID 479-968-3232  
Jones, Quinn CID Lieutenant 479-968-3232  
Lichty, Logan Patrolman, SRO 479-968-3232  
Nicholas, Kaylynn K9 Officer 479-968-3232  
Reeves, Drew Public Information Officer 479-968-3232  
Richard, Jimmy Patrol Sergeant 479-968-3232  
Shipley-Bolanis, Alex K9 Officer 479-968-3232  
Smith, Jarrod Assistant Chief, Administrative 479-968-3232  
Spears, Keith Administrative Lieutenant 479-968-3232  
Taylor, Aaron Lieutenant, SRO 479-968-3232  
Westcott, Ronald Detective, Sex Offender Registrar 479-264-1707  
Varnell, Phillip Administrative Lieutenant 479-968-3232