Planning & Zoning

About the Division

The Division of Planning and Zoning prepares and maintains the general, strategic, community-specific and redevelopment plans for the City of Russellville. This division is also responsible for performing advanced and current planning functions such as:
  • Conditional use permitting
  • Environmental assessments
  • Rezoning
  • Site planning
Functions of the division include consideration of proposed use and associated aesthetic qualities of a development project as well as consistency with zoning regulations, to determine the impact on the community.

Planning and Zoning coordinates efforts between the City Council and citizen advisory and plan implementation committees, such as the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment, to provide technical expertise and research. The division also reviews and approves sign and business license applications based on Zoning Code requirements.

El Paso Master Plan

The El Paso corridor and surrounding neighborhoods between Russellville Downtown and the ATU campus were identified as a special planning district within the Russellville Downtown Master Plan that was adopted by the Russellville City Council in 2013. The plan for North El Paso Avenue was approved by the Russellville Planning Commission in September 2017.

The El Paso Master Plan was developed by architecture firm Miller, Boskus and Lack of Fayetteville, urban planning and design firm Gateway Planning of Dallas, Texas, and experience design and development firm Velocity Group of Bentonville.

The El Paso Master Plan was passed by Ordinance No. 2297 and was included in the Zoning Code as a result.  It is located in Article II of Russellville Zoning Code and can be found by clicking on the Zoning link to the left.

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