Boards & Commissions

  1. Advertising & Promotion Commission

    Find a list of commission members, an overview of the commission, and find upcoming meeting times.

  2. Airport Commission

    Read about the members and meeting dates of the Airport Commission.

  3. Board of Adjustment

    Learn about the Board of Adjustment, view a list of members, and check out meeting agendas and minutes.

  4. City Corporation

    Read about the City Corporation Board of Directions, find minutes and board packets, and more.

  5. Civil Service Commission

    Learn about the Civil Service Commission, the commission members, and meeting times.

  6. Fire Pension Board

    Read about the Fire Pension Board, members, and upcoming meetings.

  7. Historic District Commission

    The Russellville Historic District Commission oversees the creation and operation of historic districts within the City of Russellville.

  8. Oakland Cemetery Commission

    Read about the Oakland Cemetery Commission's purpose and access agendas and minutes.

  9. Planning Commission

    Find an overview of the Planning Commission, upcoming meeting information, and meeting agendas and minutes.

  10. Police Pension Board

    View the current members and upcoming meeting information for the Police Pension Board.

  11. Recreation & Parks Commission

    The Parks Department receives invaluable expertise from the commissioners who serve on the Recreation and Parks Commission.